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My Favorite Twitter Resources

March 30, 2009

twitterI’m asking my Strategic Social Media students to participate in twitter. No, it’s not required, but they’ll get more out of the class if they do.

So I’ve collected my favorite twitter resources. Please add some of your favorites in the comments.

We have a class hashtag, to start. It’ #J412. To follow, go to and put #J412 in the search field.

Getting started on twitter:

College Student’s Guide: Twitter 101: Professor Bradley’s step-by-step is my “go to” resource for sending to newbies trying to figure out how to get started.

Recommendations for people to follow:
(my opinion? you need to follow 60 – 80 people before you start figuring it out)

Dave Fleet had two great posts with 40 people in each to follow. The first were his 40 faves the second is the list of 40 from the comments and feedback he got to the first.

40 PR-Related People to Follow on Twitter

YOUR Top 40 People to Follow on Twitter

You may have heard of the Ad Age Power 150? It’s a great list of 150 top Marketing blogs. A blogger took it on himself to find the twitter profiles of those top bloggers and has provided them in a list here.

Twitter Power 150

What it’s good for:

Dosh Dosh’s 17 Ways You can Use Twitter

Mashable’s 40 Best Twitter Brands shows how brands are using twitter to connect with their customers.

Can’t get enough? Or just need more ideas? Check out the list of 70+ links I’ve tagged in Delicious.

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