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Your Target Audience

April 24, 2009

tillamook-logo2Let’s face it- social media is a fun tool to use to reach your customers. Not only is it relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing tactics, it can also give your company a personal voice and touch when interacting with your audience. At the same time, I think many young PR professionals make the mistake of getting too caught up in social media storm that has erupted in the last few years. Not every client is going be the ideal candidate for a social media plan.

Like any campaign an advertiser, marketer, or PR specialist designs, in depth research of the brand or company’s target audience should be the most important consideration. And if you have found that your target audience is online, the second most important consideration is where they are in terms of technology use. Not everyone has jumped on the Internet band wagon and for those that have; they may not use all the exciting applications that social media marketers prefer, like Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. I can’t argue that there are lots of conversations going around about social media networks. Even CNN uses Twitter now to disperse news stories, but I will argue that the best way to help your client and their customers is to know which networks will work best for the both of them.

Another thing to consider is there may already be a network of people out there that are already talking about your brand or product. A great example of this is a good social media campaign approach was brought up in class recently. Hannah Smith, a Community Manager for Tillamook Cheese, came by our social media class to discuss how Tillamook Cheesemade its debut to the social media community. Smith mentioned that when researching the social media atmosphere and Tillamook’s target audience she and her team ran across multiple communities and talk that had already been developed by Tillamook Cheese fans. Fans mentioned their love for Tillamook cheese on blogs, in twitter chats, and Facebook fan groups. In this case, the audience was already online talking about the company and products and it was up to Smith and her team to make that talk work for them. Tillamook Cheese’s website now hosts a link to their Facebook fan page and a “post of day” from fans.

-Christina Blaser

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