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Atwitter about the Twitter Rumor

April 27, 2009

Earlier this week, a rumor fluttered around concerning a potential buyout of Twitter.  There were whispers of Google being a frontrunner.  This, coupled with a vague statement big-newsabout some big news from Twitter CEO Evan Williams fueled the rumor.

Luckily, as quickly as the rumor had spread, it was squashed.  The Google whispers turned out to be discussions over a potential partnership making Twitter the “exclusive search partner of the microblogging phenomenon.”  And the big news Williams had mentioned – Oprah joining Twitter.

However, there was one interesting thing that came out of this rumor.  Nanette Marcus of iMedia decided to ask some industry experts what the web might look like if a company like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, MySpace, or Yahoo actually did buyout Twitter.  Here’s what they found out –

All of these companies could benefit hugely from owning Twitter and integrating it into their services.

Microsoft: This analysis was quite lengthy and pretty technical so I’m gonna give the jist.  Reid Car (prez of Red Door Interactive) seems very passionate about the idea of Microsoft buying up Twitter.  It is safe to say this would be a good thing for Microsoft and it would drastically improve the way Microsoft does business.  Integrating Twitter with Microsoft programs would provide Microsoft with a more organized and accessible tool.
Read the full analysis on iMedia

Facebook: It seems Facebook would benefit the least from purchasing Twitter.  Evan Gerber (principal user experience consultant at Molecular) stated that Facebook should purchase Twitter simply to decrease competition.  He did mention that the social network could increase a users ability to update on Facebook by allowing text updates via Twitter.  That’s already in effect though.  You can sync your Twitter updates to Facebook and Twitter allows users to send updates via texts from their mobile phones.
Read the full analysis on iMedia

Google: Google could beef itself up by integrating Twitter and tweets into the search device.  Rather than just seeing a list of website when we search, we could see Twitter comments concerning the website giving us (perhaps) non-biased information from people like us.  I personally think this would be huge.  It would completely change the way we search for information and what makes the information valuable on a website.
Read the full analysis on iMedia

MySpace: If Facebook has the least to gain, MySpace has the most to gain.  Facing a decrease in users due to Facebook and Twitter, MySpace could revive itself by purchasing Twitter.  Larry Weintraub (CEO and co-founder of Fanscape) states that the current thing MySpace has going for it is MySpace Music.  With the purchase of Twitter, MySpace could integrate music into the mix by linking tweets about music to MySpace Music.  Users could then chose to listen to the song or not.

For Example:
@kmvictory: Typing up great blog about Twitter buyouts while listening to The Used’s Pretty Handsome Awkward. (hyperlink the song back to MySpace Music)

This would be huge when you think about celebrity “tweeple” like @Oprah or @The_Real_Shaq.
Read the full analysis on iMedia

Yahoo: Yahoo was a little confusing for me to understand.  I’ve become more of a Google user lately and don’t know much about Yahoo anymore.  However, after giving some ways Yahoo could make good use of a Twitter buyout, Denise Zimmerman (prez and CSO at NetPlus Marketing Inc.) confessed that Yahoo wouldn’t really benefit from the buyout.
Read the full analysis on iMedia.

Regardless of a buyout, its clear that Twitter has changed the way people communicate just about anything online.  And as it grows, there are certainly big things in it’s future.

Kristen Victory

on Twitter: @kmvictory



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