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Climbing the social network “tree”

April 29, 2009

After listening to spokesman for Floragenex, describe the word of mouth marketing strategy for his company it got me thinking about conversations in the digital world. Then it got me thinking about whom Floragenex should be talking too. You can always add 200 friends on MySpace and shift through their friends to find more people to make superficial connections with. This conundrum inspired an Oxford graduate, Richard Price to design a website that  “displays academics around the world in a ‘tree’ format, according to which institution/department they are affiliated with. And, it enables researchers to keep track of the latest developments in their field – the latest people, papers, and talks.”
social-media-for-scientistsIn effect, is like LinkdIn in that it connects people of the business world to each other but Academia shows direct connections from one scholar to the next. This type of social network gives academics or scientists the ability to see direct relations between peers, departments and advancements. From using a site like this Floragenex can map a direct route to colleagues and researchers that might benefit from Floragenex.
A social networking site like this might help Floragenex see a chain of connections from one professional to another but it will also help it (map) the progress and trends of the genome niche. As more people study genomes advancements in technology might pose a threat to Floragenex and it would be wise to keep track of competition.
Creating buzz about yourself by doing excellent work and building a reputation is essential in accumulating clientele; but looking at people’s direct connections help you see where your reputation is spreading too. It can also help you find where the conversations are. is just another way to keep track of the academic world.
David Bradley. “Social Media for Scientists.” Nov 5, 2008.
Katelyn Thompson

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