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Creating Your Personal Online Brand

May 14, 2009



      There are many important considerations, challenges and opportunities in building your own online presence or brand through social media.  It is the single most important investment you can make if you want to create a lasting impression.  A personal brand is basically your reputation.  It refers to how you are viewed by others, in this case the online community.  Your personal brand answers questions such as: Are you an expert? Are you trustworthy?  What do you represent?  Your personal brand online depends on three important areas.


1.  What you’re about: This includes the main ideas that you want people to associate with you.  You must first identify and describe who you are.  Your online personality expresses your interests, your passions, and even your goals.  And, just as these factors are constantly growing and changing, so should your online profile.  By keeping your profile up-to-date, you are staying active in the online community. 

 2.  Expertise: Your experiences create knowledge and understand in certain areas that you can share with others.  Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert, you have valuable information to share with the online community.  You may not even realize that sharing some of your personal experiences may influence someone’s buying or travel decisions.

3. Your style:  You want to be unique in how you output information.  You have control over how you promote your personal brand online and as long as you are not duplicating someone else, you naturally have your own style.  Explore this style and how you can express it through a blog, Twitter account, or Facebook profile.  

      In maintaining your online brand, or reputation it is also important to keep ethics in mind.  If you want people to recognize and follow your online activity, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the social media networks.  This can be as simple as producing true and factual information that is in fact your own.  (Don’t plagiarize!).]  By having strong morals and ethics within your personal online brand, you can improve your reputation and gain the trust of your online community members. 

By: Caitlin Maguire

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