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Celebrities on Twitter

May 21, 2009

Celebrities have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, but many have questioned if this is a good thing for Twitter and social media.  My response to this is to ask how celebrities using Twitter is any different, or less authentic than companies using Twitter? A celebrity can be thought of as brand and must address the same issue a brand does. As with most brands it would be said that celebrities would be missing out if they weren’t on Twitter and a part of the conversation.

With that being said celebrities should be thinking of their presence on Twitter as a PR and should act accordingly. Some celebrities understand this and use Twitter to expand their brand, or add to their brand image by joining the conversation. There are many celebrities that have an image that has been created and defined by the paparazzi. Twitter has provided celebrities, like companies, the opportunity to define their own image.

Some have capitalized on this opportunity and some have failed miserably, while others have just added to the social media noise. Lets look at an example of a celebrity that has been successful on Twitter and one that has failed.


Tony Hawk got involved with Twitter and decided to try to use it for a Twitter Treasure Hunt for Skateboards hidden in different cities across the globe. He hid approximately 60 boards (2-4 in each city) and then tweeted their location. This was a creative way to add to the conversation and community that goes beyond self-promotion.

Picture 2

 Here is a video of Tony Hawk talking about Twitter and the treasure hunt:


Lil Wayne (@ThisIsLilWayne) has only found Twitter as a place to promote himself. It is obvious that the rapper has no interest in listening to his fans, or having a two-way conversation, if you look at the number of people that he is following on twitter compared to the amount of followers that he has (7 vs. 94,975). 

Picture 1





By Nick Johnson

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