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Will Blog Disappear in 2020?

May 23, 2009

Social networks and blogs are two major online communication tools today. Many people own blogs, and they share information via blogs and other social media. Do you think you will post something on a blog, or look for information through blogs10 years later?

marketflow1 says you are not going to use a blog and social network in 2020.  It posts interesting graph that analyzes past communication systems and predicts future systems. In 19C, local marketplace is the major communication system, and people cannot know what happens in other place far from where they live. In 1990s, traditional media took the place of local marketplace. As you can see on the graph, traditional media have longer hey days compared to blog and other social media. According to the, all media until website have a static and passive form of information. It says because of popularity of social networks, blog is getting in trouble.  marketflow10

In 2009 today, Blog is still a major communication form with social networks. The graph predicts that the use of blogs is going to be decreased next year, and not so many people will use blogs as their communication tools in 2020. In 2002, social news will be a major communication tool, and that means everyone can publish news and share the news on time. According to, “social news is about getting news from the source, directly, and unfiltered.”marketflow11

Interesting point in the graph is that targeted information will be another major information people in the future will get. So, 10 years later, you will get the information from two totally different concepts of communication tool: one is totally unfiltered, and the other is totally filtered.

By Minchan Bae

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