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How can YOU maximize your online presence?

May 29, 2009

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With the scarcity of jobs available today, it is important, more than ever, to stand out among your peers and other people competing for the same jobs as you. During the pre-interview phase, many interviewers will Google you to learn more about the type of person you are. So not only is it a good idea to clean up your Facebook and Myspace pages while you are job searching, but it is also very important that people, especially potential employers, can easily find you in the blogosphere. If interviewers cannot easily find you, they could assume that the reason your name doesn’t come up on the first, second or maybe even third page of google is that you are not involved with social media and that could cost you the job.

To build an online presence there are two main things that need to happen. You should establishing  your digital footprint by creating a Facebook account, Twitter account and perhaps a personal blog. These three platforms are great ways for you to start building presence online as well as credibility and a reputation if you haven’t already. The second step you must take is create a search engine optimization strategy to drive people to your sites.SEO in basic terms is a method of targeting viewers who are interested in what you have to say or offer.

So how do you use search engine optimization to maximize your online presence? First you are going to start with keywords. You are going to choose keywords that you think someone might type into Google or another search engine to search for you. If I was trying to optimize myself in the search engine, I would choose my name and the name of my blog as two of my keywords because those are two things that I would expect people to type in when searching for me. Once you have carefully selected your keywords you will infuse the keywords throughout the body of the content. It helps to include keywords in headlines as well. It is important that your content doesn’t turn into a blob of your keywords. Your content should be well written, unique and valuable because that is what readers expect. 

Another key element in search engine optimization is credibility. Credibility plays a huge role in your page rank. Your page rank is determined by how often you update your page and how many people link to you. Therefore, it is important to update your page regularly and create a name for yourself in the blogger world by reading, commenting and linking to other blogs. People will start to link to you and that helps to build your credibility, which raises your page rank.


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