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You’ll complete a weekly assignment, plus three other projects during the course of the term. Here you’ll find info about each. Graduate students will complete an additional paper & present their work the final two weeks of the quarter.

You can download each assignment document (below) as a PDF or just view it online.

  • Weekly Case Study Analysis
  • Contribution to this blog
  • Mid-term project: e-book or podcast
  • Final strategic social media plan

class blog contribution assignment: Each student is required to contribute once to this blog.

case-study-analysis-j4-512: Due Monday of each week, beginning week 2
You will not submit a weekly assignment on the dates that the mid-term and final project are due.
Total due: 7

e-book & podcast mid-term assignment: Due Monday, April 27.

final social-media-plan Due Monday, June 1
Overview: We’ve talked, we’ve read, we’ve picked apart what other organizations have done.  Now it’s time to get down to business. The social media strategy is your chance to think about our discussions, guest lectures, readings and your personal reflections to deliver a strategic plan for a client.
Assignment Objective: To create a strategic social media plan that helps a client create and implement a social media strategy for his/her organization.

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